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About Us

This eco-conscious event will be educational and community-oriented involving local and national fungi groups. We aim to cover Mushroom identification, cultivation, microscopy, medicinal mushrooms and topics such as the soil food web, composting & decomposition, permaculture & rewilding. Most importantly, we will celebrate the people at the forefront of mycology in the UK and beyond.

Each day will start with the option of shamanic healing journeys. After a day packed full of myco-focused activities, we'll relax with live music and entertainment by the fire or at the secret woodland stage, or go and explore the fluorescent forest with UV torches. Whether you're new to fungi or an experienced mycologist there will be something for everyone. 

The event will take place in the picturesque Sussex countryside on the beautiful Chiddinglye estate surrounded by meadows, forests, and dark skies. The site plays host to many diverse species a section of which is listed as a site of scientific importance.

We aim to tread lightly and play respectfully leaving no trace. 

To celebrate all things fungi we have invited some of the most influential mycologists, ecologists, citizen scientists  and nature enthusiasts to come and share their passion and experience. 

For far too long, Fungi have been under appreciated and under-studied.  We feel it's time to give Fungi the attention and recognition they deserve.

All Things Fungi Festival are a proud supporter of the  Fungi foundation 

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Meet the team

Into the Wild festival & Wilderlands


  Into the wild is the  UK's premier nature based festival, supporting people of all ages to come into the wild and have a brilliant life changing experience with  some of the best workshops, talks and activities of any festival experience. 


Into the Wild is dedicated to supporting nature with all its profits going towards nature recovery, helping wildlife and biodiversity.

Jana Nicole is an award winning contemporary artist that

cares deeply about Kingdom fungi.


Using a cacophony of hand drawn images and photography

to create her artworks and large scale installations,

she strives to bring focus and attention toward the growing and powerful movement

of those, including herself, who believe that fungi

have a crucial role in the future of science, medicine and beyond.


Jana Nicole is the current recipient of the highly prestigious Prix Puvis De Chavannes,

bestowed upon her by Société Nationale des Beaux Arts,

the historic arts society of Paris in recognition of her work on the subject.

A life long love for mushrooms and move back to a rural area sparked an obsession foraging, documenting and cultivating fungi.

For the past five years Max's lens has been focused on Fungi & Myxomycetes. His imagery posted on Instagram @allthingsfungi has gained him recognition with international platforms and magazines, last year he was shortlisted for Close up Photographer of the year.


Encapsulating the ethos of all things fungi Max likes to find, eat and cultivate mushrooms and has recorded hundreds of species. He's contributed to the Darwins tree of life project at Kew Gardens with wild clones and is an active member of the Sussex Fungus group. 

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